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Merida: Legend Of The Emeralds (disney Princess Chapter Book)

Merida Legend Of The Emeralds

Disney Press

Author: Megan Bryant

Merida: Legend Of The Emeralds is an awesome children's book. The author is Megan Bryant and it was published sometime in 2014 by Disney Press. The child's book has 96 pages. As you read, imagine the circumstance inside your mind. You could get as innovative as you choose with the circumstances in your head. It can certainly put you among the thrill as well as adventure in the children's book. Grab a copy of this book, click on the market add to shopping cart button on this page.

Discover a legend about a mysterious emerald in this jewel-themed chapter book starring Merida from the Disney*Pixar movie Brave! The Macintosh clan has come to Dun Broch to celebrate the Rites of Summer, and Merida can't wait for the games to begin! But once they take the jewels, the Fire Falls turn dark. There, they make an incredible discovery-two glowing emeralds. In the spirit with the festival, she challenges Young Macintosh to a race to the best from the Fire Falls. Will they unravel the secret legend from the emeralds before their fates adjust forever?


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